Admiral submits detection results for virus-infected ships

Washington—The Admiral received the results of an internal investigation on Wednesday, which was a result of the spread of the coronavirus on the Theodore Roosevelt and the captain who launched the carrier in April.

The report is not expected to remain public until a decision is made regarding the possibility of resuming Captain Brett Crozier to command Roosevelt or punish other officers.

Gilde spokesman Cmdr. Nate Christensen said the admiral was reviewing the report.

“General Gildi ’s review and approval of the investigation ’s recommendations will take some time.”

One of the problems to be solved by the investigation is how the coronavirus boarded the Roosevelt, which was in the Western Pacific in late March During operation, the first crew members fell ill. With the spread of the virus, the aircraft carrier entered Guam on March 27 due to the apparent disagreement between the naval leadership on how to continue to evacuate the crew to limit the spread.

Crozier wrote a letter, which was quickly leaked to a California newspaper and even spread to other places.

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly asked Crozer When the command was released in early April, he said that his letter was too widely distributed and his judgment was poor. He begged the navy to take action to prevent the death of COVID-19 among the crew. . Modi resigned a few days after saying that Crozier might be too "naive or too stupid" to command the aircraft carrier.

In the end, about 1,100 Roosevelt crew members tested positive for corneal virus, and one of them was petty bourgeois officer Charles Thacker, 41 years old, dead. Most people have recovered from the disease and transported People left Switch Island last week to prepare for full return to their posts in the Pacific. It was shelved in Guam for nearly two months.

The report submitted to Gildy on Wednesday was prepared by Admiral Robert Burke, Deputy Director of Naval Operations, who conducted a preliminary investigation in April.

But since then, a review has been conducted in the command system, and James McPherson succeeded Modly as navy secretary, ordering a more comprehensive investigation. The initial report recommended the restoration of Crozier ’s command, but the proposal was shelved, awaiting the results of a broader investigation.

McPherson will be replaced by Kenneth Braithwaite on Friday, and he has been confirmed by the Senate as Secretary of the Navy. After Braithwaite reviews the report, it is likely that it will be reviewed by Mark Esper, the Secretary of Defense.

The rapidly changing leadership over the navy reflects the turbulent period of the Trump administration. President Donald Trump ’s first Navy Secretary Richard Spencer was fired in November 2019 after a clash with the White House regarding disciplinary action involving the SEALs.

Robert Burns, The Associated Press

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