Adam Schiff said that Trump tried to persuade Americans to “not believe the transcript of the Russian scandal”

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said in an interview with Kasie Hunt of MSNBC that the White House and President Donald Trump are trying to tell Americans not to believe them from the House of Representatives What the intelligence committee read in the final transcript read Thursday.

"The degree to which the Vice President imitates what the President said is sad, not surprising, but sad." Schiff said. "Obviously, contact with him and the Russians was not to him the view of the national security adviser on the vice president, which is good, he is happy to be with him."

"Let us not forget what lies are about "" Schiff continued. "Russians intervened in our 2016 elections to help elect Donald Trump, and shortly thereafter, Barack Obama intervened against the Russians to interfere in our democracy. Then, Mike Fu Lin (Mike Flynn) had a dialogue with the Russians and told the Russians, "Don't react to these sanctions. "This means," We will solve this problem. "After all, we know that the Russians helped elect Donald Trump, and this is his lie.

Schiff said that the Attorney General Bill Barr said that the lie is not important. He lied about the conduct with the Russians Those talks were aimed at breaking the sanctions that interfered with our democracy. "

" That's breathtaking, "he continued. "Now, they can't say that he didn't lie because he repeatedly pleaded guilty. He also said that these are major lies, and so far, Bill Barr is doing the presidential bid because Mike Pence (Mike Pence) responded to the president ’s rewriting of history as a comprehensive attack on the rule of law. For the former US Department of Justice, this is really frustrating. "

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