A one-month-old baby boy was shot in the chest by the teenage mother ’s boyfriend and clung to his life.

One-month-old baby boy still lives after being shot in the chest by his underage mother ’s boyfriend.

Armani Casares Jr. has been receiving intensive care at the University of Texas Hospital since he was sickened by the shooting on Saturday morning.

  Armani Cazares hospital photo

One month old baby boy was shot and dying after being shot by his mother ’s teenage boyfriend [/caption]

  Armani Cazares

Starting on Saturday [/caption]

Little Armani Cazares entered the intensive care unit of a local hospital in Texas, and his mother Daisy Delacruz described this terrible situation as a "nightmare."

"This is a nightmare. My son is here and is gone now." The 18-year-old mother told Fox San Antonio on Monday.

"Now the doctor told me he would not do it. There is no hope.

Delacruz ’s 19-year-old boyfriend Lance Tello Jr. was also charged with shooting his own mother at his family ’s home in San Antonio at around 2:00 a.m. on Saturday , Not a 14-year-old sister …

She and Tello started dating when they were four months pregnant-although he was not Armani ’s biological father, he behaved like a newborn ’s father.

The couple Not living together, but Delacruz

  Daisy Delacruz
Fox 29

Daisy Delacruz, 18, said her son ’s condition was a “nightmare” and said her son was “brain-dead”. 19659018 ] Lance Tello facial photo "width =" 587 "height =" 629 "/>

Bexar County Sheriff & # 39; s Office

Delacruz ’s boyfriend Lance Tello, 19, was also charged with shooting his mother and Underage sister, the police said [/caption]

Tello worked at Maruchan Texas Inc. ramen factory six days a week.

But last Friday, he was d Delacruz, he said he felt stressed at work and asked her to pick him up earlier.

Tello looks normal, and Delacruz says that he even asked for the baby Armani.

At that time his emotions suddenly changed, she said, he "became another person".

When Friday night extended to Saturday morning, De La Cruz tried to comfort Trow while she and her little boy were in his bedroom – but he remained silent.

De La Cruz said then that he stood up, stared at his mirror, looked indifferent, and then pulled a gun at her and her little boy.

 News from Daisy Draculas
Fox 29

Lance gave her and Armani a gun Daisy said [/caption]

  Armani Cazares Hospital baby

since Since Saturday, the little boy has been hanging on the ventilator, Daisy said [/caption]

"And he is looking at my baby, I told him," You will not shoot my child. ',' She said to the news station.

"But before I could push him away from me, the gun was extinguished. Then I was deaf.

" Then I turned around and saw my son. The police said, [Tello然后开枪打死了他49岁的母亲和他14岁的姐姐。]

The police arrested him several blocks after the police arrested him. The shooting took him to Bexar County Prison, where he was detained with a deposit of $ 500,000.

 Crime scene San Antonio Lance Tello
Fox 29

Police arrested the police from his home in San shortly after the shooting and arrested Antonio [/caption]

Trow ’s mother and sister are expected to recover, but Armani ’s future is uncertain. 19659002] Although the boy hung up the ventilator, Delacruz did not give up her "miracle baby".

"They told me," As long as you give us everything well, we will take him out of the ventilator, "she said.

"I won't do this in the short term. I don't want to let go."

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