A class action is better than…?

Good morning, early bird. According to reports, the Andrews government is facing a new class action representing the second wave of layoffs in Victoria. The Australian Energy Council has opposed Scott Morrison building a gas-fired power plant in New South Wales plan of. This is the news you need to know, Chris Woods .

 Dan Andrews covid-19 class action
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Age the Andrews government faces a new representative of the second round of Victorian layoffs In a class action lawsuit, the legal team argued that due to a malfunction in the hotel’s quarantine system, the third and fourth stages of restrictions came from the Minister of Health Jeanne Mikakos and Minister Jobs Martin Pakula (19459015) department. The news came after the cafe owner Michelle Loielo who was seeking free pre-selection, made another request for the government's curfew.

Elsewhere, the ABC reported that inquiries into the hotel quarantine area had heard recordings of emergency meetings. The management commissioner Andrew Crisp said that he did not think the Australian Defence Force was necessary, and he also saw new evidence separately proving that the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Cabinet Phil Getchens proposed His request. The ADF, the ally in Victoria, was on April 8th-one month before the outbreak.

PS: Further north, The Guardian reported that both the Queensland Labor Party and LNP are changing their electoral strategies towards Annastacia Palaszczuk’s pandemic policy , While Australians ($) reported that the Prime Minister’s Office spent more than $528,000 on COVID-19, voted in the past few months and hired a political strategist Mike Kaiser Helped to develop the state’s economic recovery.


Australia’s largest energy lobby Australian Energy Council, opposed Scott Morrison’s plan, if Instead of making alternative private investment to replace Liddell’s coal-fired power plant, he built a gas-fired power plant in New South Wales, saying that this “has a risk,

However, Times reported The Secretary of Energy Angus Taylor has dismissed complaints about investment uncertainty, arguing that "These companies have a history of many years. Submit, they can still submit until April next year.

Elsewhere, Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes expressed a keen interest in they established 1GW of dispatchable power generation that is not powered by gasoline, but It was alleged that Morrison signed with himself because of whether the ultimatum was really "technologically neutral".

Finally, Times reported that a Liddell Taskforce study was leaked, claiming that closing Liddell would temporarily increase the state’s wholesale electricity prices by more than a quarter, but with more As capacity enters the market, this impact will decrease.

PS: If you want to know why investors RenewEconomy’s explains how the seven-year policy vacuum and the recent deliberate stagnation strategy means Taylor has overseen renewables since taking office The overall decline in energy investment.

SEEING RED [19659005] Finally, the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) investigation revealed how the Australian Federal Police detained Chinese diplomats and New South Wales Labor Party members before the Chinese government suppressed Australian journalists. Shaoquett Moselmane correspondence between policy advisers. Agence France-Presse also named the consul of Sydney Sun Yantao in the arrest warrant as part of an investigation into political interference.

China is currently experiencing a series of tense diplomatic relations. According to the Associated Press, the United States has issued

. In addition, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the European Union has restricted China and Hong Kong’s comprehensive travel warning is based on "arbitrary detention" and "arbitrary enforcement of local laws."

What did they really say?

The scientific approach is to call on independent observers to enter Xinjiang through trade negotiations and condemn the Chinese Communist Party’s repression of Hong Kong and its treatment of journalists, so that China’s economic cooperation with China reaches its human rights record. Americans have never recognized a presidential candidate in our 175-year history, until now. The 2020 election is actually a matter of life and death. We urge you to vote for health, science and President Biden.

"Scientific American"

proved that all it takes to intensify those nerds in is to face the catastrophic mishandling pandemic and deliberate climate denialism burning on the West Coast.

Ending sexual harassment in the workplace is urgent. So, what is the reason for stopping it?

"Sexual harassment is still serious and widespread, as shown in the case involving Canterbury League club chairman George Curry, former Ampere Capital boss Boe Pahari, and former High Court judge Dyson Haydn. May face misconduct claims for months or even years, and when they are out, they often get out of the car with just a wrist hit.

"In the middle of this week, Crikey will Details how to expose the allegations against Pahari and how AMP did not take action before investors began to divest-showing that the board is far from what the community expects.

Today’s tip: Don’t participate in the market—Liberals are addicted to private sector intervention

"Prime Minister’s Cathedral Scott Morrison and Secretary of Energy Angus Taylor today issued an ultimatum to the power sector: "The government will step up its efforts to build a new natural gas power plant in Hunter Valley if the sector cannot replace the production capacity of [the Liddell power station’s]. "

"In response to the national COVID-19 coordination requirements, this continues to promote the recovery of "natural gas"

"Therefore, the Free Market Party once again decided that the market can use some products in their preferred direction. "

Exactly who is running this show? The border debate reveals an inconvenient dilemma.

"So here: the police are stationed outside the residence of a senior civil servant in Queensland, in order to ensure that she is at the state border When the policy is safe, follow it.

"So far, Chief Health Officer Jeannette Youn has done an excellent job keeping Queensland relatively free of COVID. No problem. The question is: Is this her job?

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1% decision: The federal government’s proposed tax cuts are most helpful to the rich [] 19659006] The road to recovery depends on controlling COVID-19: RBA and economists

The Ministry of the Interior said, "Unfit" to compensate people detained for four years for valid visas,

The coalition began to write a landmark environmental bill, and then under review it has ordered

job seekers to switch to online trial services without additional Funding

The left-wing union rejected Anthony Albanes’ draft platform, treating it as an "empty ship" ($)

Unisuper’s new climate policy signal has been removed from coal

] Australians support The United States plummeted to an all-time low during the Trump administration.

The family of Breonna Taylor (Breonna Taylor) will receive millions of settlements related to police misconduct.

The widespread test shortage in the United Kingdom may require several It can only be resolved by Zhou, and the US government admitted that


Morrison cast a shadow over the energy transition under large-scale natural gas intervention- Ketan Joshi (RenewEconomy): "Frankly speaking. In any other area, recovering from another public health crisis by worsening it will immediately trigger a rebound. The "asbestos-driven recovery" will end the profession; just like the "tobacco-induced recovery" or the "AK-47-induced recovery". But fossil fuels have locked their hazards so deeply in our lives that we have become insensitive to the incredible and fundamental meaning of suggesting harm to mankind as a way to help mankind.

Natural gas will help Australia better rebound from the pandemic. Angus Taylor (Sydney Morning Herald): "Australia’s competitive advantage has always been based on affordable and reliable energy. When we shift from COVID-19 to economic recovery, the burden Affordable natural gas will play a central role in rebuilding the strong economy needed to rebuild job growth, provide government services and opportunities for all. Reliable and affordable electricity is now more important than ever."

With Our borders are closed. This is the ideal time to comprehensively reform the policy for asylum seekers – Daniel Ghezelbash, Aher Hirsch and Regina Jefferies [19659049] (talk): "Due to COVID-19 Currently, almost no one travels to Australia, let alone asylum seekers. However, even before the pandemic, it was difficult for asylum seekers to find their own accommodation here. With the borders completely closed, this This is a time to reflect on the policy of asylum seekers in the post-pandemic world."

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